LeAnn Rimes Skips Shape Mag Party: Payback's a B*tch 2Country singer LeAnn Rimes skipped a party thrown in her honor by Shape magazine in Los Angeles Nov. 4, 2010, citing a sudden onset of the flu.

On Nov. 5, Rimes, 28, tweeted:

“Headed to the Dr. in a bit. This flu thing is hard to shake. Just to clarify, I was never supposed to sing at the Shape party and yes, under Dr.’s orders I couldn’t go.”

Interestingly, LeAnn’s absence came days after Shape editor-in-chief Valerie Latona apologized to readers for putting Rimes on the fitness magazine’s October 2010 cover, saying it didn’t mean to put a “husband-stealer on a pedestal.”

Latona then backpedaled on her apology 24 hours later, insisting she stood by her decision to put LeAnn on the cover after all.

Throughout the controversy, Rimes claimed she had no idea her cover had caused any scandal and expressed surprise that Latona had apologized and called her a homewrecker.


The cover controversy began Oct. 28 after Latona sent out a groveling email to subscribers, saying she agreed with reader complaints that Shape should not have featured Rimes because she’s an adulterer.

LeeAnn, a child country star who divorced her husband of seven years in 2009, was slammed in the press for having an affair with her married Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian shortly before she split from her husband.

Cibrian left his wife and two children for Rimes and filed for divorce in August 2009 after eight years of marriage.

Looking back, Rimes said she was sorry that people got hurt in the situation but didn’t regret falling in love.

Meanwhile, Shape magazine got Dancing With the Stars co-host Brooke Burke to fill in for the ailing Rimes at their party Thursday, and the evening’s 45 guests enjoyed the soirée.

“Shape was excited to throw LeAnn the party,” a source told People. “The people at the magazine wanted her to know they were happy with the cover and wanted to maintain a good relationship with her.”

Samantha Chang, JD, is the executive editor of TheImproper and a celebrity writer at Examiner.