Mariah Carey Ends Year of Fake News, With Epic Fake Music Fail (watch!) 1

Mariah Carey had one thing going for her during her monumental music fail on live television–she maintained her composure like a true trouper. (Photo by :Eugene Gologursky)

Mariah Carey became an instant symbol last night of a year gone awry. She ushered in the New Year on live television with an epic fake music fail that in many ways symbolized the nation’s descent into fake news and demagoguery.

You can’t say she didn’t have it coming. Carey, who is known for a five-octave voice, has lip-synced her live performances for years.

The music industry has been criticized for almost as long for cranking out fake music, performed by homogenized lip-syncing pop tarts.

Carey epitomized the trend.

So, it was only a matter of time before a technical glitch exposed her fakery. That it happened on stage during a live New Year’s Eve television performance only added to the sense of fatalism felt throughout the year.

But at least it proved the rule: All artifice eventually collapses of its own weight.


Forget the fact that the diva needed help to negotiate a couple of steps to the main stage. Many social media wags speculated that she was smashed.

The real embarrassment began when the back track starting playing without her vocal track. Instead of just singing the song live, she just stood there, refusing to perform.

As she paced back and forth across the stage chatting up the audience, the backing track played on and the back-up dancers went on with their routine, adding a surreal element to the episode.

Carey had one thing going for her. She maintained her composure and kept smiling throughout.

Check out the video below.

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Mariah Carey Keeps on Sizzling (Click Photos to Enlarge!)