Justin Bieber is at the center of a controversy involving New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr. (inset) and three other players. They were spotted partying in Miami with a playoff game looming. (Photos: Getty)

Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and rookies Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis are drawing heat after being spotted in Miami partying with none other than Justin Bieber, raising questions about their focus on the upcoming playoffs.

The New York media is having a field day comparing the incident to an episode involving Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo nine years ago.

Just before the Cowboy’s playoff game against the Giants, Romo took off for Cabo San Lucas with then girlfriend Jessica Simpson and wide receiver Jason Witten.

Romo can back and played a terrible game, losing to the Giants, despite being the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. Afterward, Simpson was considered to bw a team curse.

Down in Miami, Beckham and his posse were not only partying with Bieber until 6 a.m., but also NFL flameout Johnny Manziel.


“It’s not too much to expect every player to be all-in and concentrate all their effort on winning in Green Bay and not posing with Bieber or being inside the same club on the same night when Johnny Manziel reportedly made an appearance,” wrote New York Daily News columnist Gary Meyers.

“Even though the players were on their own time, was it a bad look and immature, less than one week before the Giants are in their first playoff game in five years, for The Fab 4 to be in Miami? Yes it was,” he added. “this little junket was pretty selfish.”

Beckham told ESPN he and fellow players went to Miami to “get their minds right.”

Bieber likes to hang around athletes, but he’s proved to be toxic to those who pal around with him.

Let’s hope Beckham has a standout performance, or it may take a long time to live down his brush with Bieber.