The author of this article posted this hateful image on Twitter to test the social media site’s zero-tolerance policy on hate speech. It failed. (Photo: Twitter)

More than 40 million tweets were posted during Donald Trump’s inauguration, a good number of them hate-filled. Yet, Twitter failed its “zero tolerance” policy on hate speech over and over again, including on this repulsive, Nazi-inspired anti-Semitic image.

I posted the Tweet while watching the anointing of our country’s first fascist regime.

I meant it as a test. Twitter was handed a clearly hateful image from a user who had all the makings of a “Banned for Life” poster child.

Yet, the social media service did nothing, even in the face of repeated complaints.

An alarming number of messages and retweets were sent, not only by the usual band of idiotic Trump supporters, but also by individuals who would, no doubt, feel completely comfortable in an SS uniform.

Some may currently have one hanging in their closet.

So far, it seems these low-lifes have every reason to believe they have immunity–not only when it comes to actually taking the uniform out and wearing it in public, but to openly preach their twisted rhetoric online, as well.

It’s no secret that Trump’s highly controversial election drew support from, and was cheered on by, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semitic groups.

Many of those so-called “alt-right” views have been championed on Breitbart News by Senior White House Counselor Steve Bannon. Trump’s faint damnation during the election has only emboldened them.

It’s bad enough that our POTUS is offering these deranged individuals a wide berth, social media sites clearly aren’t doing enough to shut them down, either.

The pic above features a Nazi drinking what one can only assume is symbol of the wholesale slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust.

Yet it is apparently perfectly within the Twitter guidelines, judging by their bizarrely insensitive refusal to see anything wrong with it, even when it was reported by multiple users.

Thinking they may have missed something, I asked them to take another look. And they still found nothing wrong. Even after viewing it twice.

This is Twitter’s response to the graphic.

Exactly, what does one need to do then on Twitter to qualify as “abusive behavior”?

Show up on your doorstep with a gang of skinheads ready to bash your brains in? I wonder if Kim Kardashian had Tweeted the same pic, whether it would’ve been blown off so nonchalantly?

The interesting thing is they didn’t approve of a user who simply tweeted me a message suggesting I should “try suicide.” His account was locked, almost immediately.

David Fagin

David Fagin

David Fagin is a New York writer, producer and musician. His resume boasts an incredibly diverse range of contributions, from top news sites such as Salon, TheImproper, AOL News, Yahoo and The Huffington Post to a wide-range of humorous entities such as The Onion, The Muppets, Comedy Central, Dennis Miller, and Howard Stern. He is fascinated by technology and social media and the seemingly love/hate relationship we have with the changing world. He is also a food snob.


The only explanation is, a bunch of Twitterbots decide who gets banned and who doesn’t; there’s no way a real person would’ve let an image like this one go unchecked.

Rather, their High-School Bullying Anti-Defamation Defense Mechanism (HBADDM for short) must have been triggered by an automated scan that picked up the word “suicide” and immediately shut down the other idiot user.

That had to have been the case.

Because, if a human being on the other end thinks sending a quick tweet telling someone to off themselves is worse than a guy posting Nazi propaganda, specifically targeting users he knows are Jewish, then that person would be in serious need of sensitivity retraining 101. #TwitterHRnightmare

Is this the message the folks @Twitter really want to send us, especially now?

We’re at a dangerous crossroads as a nation. As the gatekeepers of everything digital, the social media giants, even more so than the mainstream media, are obligated to make sure this type of vermin stay underground where they belong.