Jon Stewart Scares Stephen Colbert Straight on Trump Executive Orders 1

Jon Stewart made a rare appearance on the Stephen Colbert show last night to dissect President Trump’s recent spate of executive orders. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jon Stewart dropped by Stephen Colbert’s show last night to provide his unique perspective on President Trump’s flurry of executive orders on everything from the Mexican wall to an immigration ban. “It has been 11 days, Stephen. Eleven fu*king days,” he exclaimed.

He’s got that right.

Trump apparently wanted to give the impression that his administration is hitting the ground running. So he dashed off 20 executive orders during his first 10 days in office, even thought many were haphazard, not to mention unconstitutional.

Parts of his Muslim immigration ban were immediately blocked by federal judges in several states. The order was also widely condemned as un-American, both in the United States and around the world.

Stewart shared their concern and revealed Trump’s next orders. Not for real, of course, but who knows?


“To secure our border, China shall immediately and without hesitation send us their wall. Done. Boom.” Stewart read from a proclamation.

“When the wall arrives at the southern border, we shut the lights, we pretend we’re not home. It’s C.O.D., Mexico has to pay for it. Boom — they pay for it. Done.”

Stewart even riffed on Trump’s hair and the odd way he wears his neckties well below his waist.

“I thought this is how men dress now. The president sets men’s fashion. I saw the inauguration and this is how men dress now–super long tie and dead animal on head,” he said.

Check out the video below.

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