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Justin Bieber may have found a second career as a commercial pitchman. He stars in a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Justin Bieber may have found a second career. He stars in a new Super Bowl commercial for German telecom giant, T-Mobile, touting its unlimited service. He get’s some help from NFL superstars Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens and one feisty pre-teen dancer.

The Biebs, decked out in a swell tux and some oversized-glasses, announces himself as a “celebration expert.”

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Apparently, it’s a play on Masterpiece Theater or the National Geographic channel. In any event, he provides the commentary to explain the evolution of football celebrations

Gronkowski, 27, will be taking the field on Super Bowl Sunday when his team, the New England Patriots, square off against the Atlanta Falcons.

Owens, aka T.O., is out of the league now, but he was a six-time Pro Bowl selection and holds or shares several National Football League records So he knows a lot about celebrating.

Gronk plays a caveman to illustrate how the “high-five” and spiking the football were invented.


Terrell, more or less plays himself, showing off the “shimmy shake” with pom poms and a bevy of cheerleaders.

Bieber, or someone else, throws the ball from off-screen to Gronkowski, a tight-end, who handily catches it and promptly slams it to the floor. The so-called “spike” is born.

“From the spike it evolved quickly. We got the shimmy; we got the shake and the shimmy-shimmy-shake. Then, there was T.O., who took it to the next level.”

“That guy has unlimited moves,” Biebs says.

Get it? Unlimited like T-Mobile.

Enter stage right, a whirling pre-teen who puts Justin in his place.

The promotion also has a sweet little kicker:

“Show us your best touchdown dance using #UnlimitedMoves and you could be retweeted by Justin Bieber,” the company says.

With 91 million followers, more or less, that’s saying a lot.

Check out the spot below.

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