Kristen Stewart Still Haunted by Haters as She Stars in New Ghost Film (see!) 1

Kristen Stewart is still dogged by haters years after her breakup with Robert Pattinson. She stars in a new film about a personal shopper. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Kristen Stewart has moved on in her career and is starring in a haunting new ghost movie. But she’s still haunted herself by a legion of haters, who just can’t get over the way she ended her relationship with “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson.

A new trailer was just released featuring her new movie “Personal Shopper” and it didn’t take long for the subject to come up.

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“First insert bandwagon hate on Kristen Stewart comment.Then insert criticism of this movie before watching. Voilà, you’ll get what this comment section will look like in some time,” wrote on reviewer.

The writer seemed to have a point.

“Kristen Stewart is box office cancer, pretty much proven at this point. It doesn’t matter whether she is good in it, which she won’t be,” said one commenter.

Before long the discussion invariably turned to “Twilight,” the mega-blockbuster teen film series that made her an international star.

She and Pattinson were on- and off-screen lovers during the series run, until Stewart’s cheating scandal exploded in the tabloids in 2012.


They broke up for good a year later.

The episode turned a lot of fans of the couple against her and some of the criticism has segued into her acting, which is frequently described as “wooden.”

“why do they keep putting Kristen Stewart in these depressing straight to dvd roles that no one will watch? I bet if they put her in a comedy she would become a lot more likeable,” wrote one reviewer.

“Hard to do comedy when you can’t smile. :D” another quipped.

A short time before that someone added: “ok we get it, you hate kristen stewart and you came here to say that and maybe get some likes to make you feel good. anyone who doesn’t like my comment simply proves me right.”

“Guys, can we forget that ‘Twilight’ mindset and say that she’s a great actress?” wrote another.

Of course, all actors have their fans and detractors. But for some reason Stewart stirs up strong feelings on both side.

It could just be that her fans are so ardent, they’re overly sensitive to any criticism.

“Welcome to the comment section, full of hatred for kristen and criticism for the movie. Even though everyone knows the movie is exceptional,” wrote one fan.

“Well, it is a comment section,” another replied. 

Check out the trailer below.