Kate McKinnon Kellyanne Conway

Kate McKinnon plays a psycho Kellyanne Conway, who has a ‘Fatal Attraction’ for CNN’s Jake Tapper on Saturday Night Live. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Kate McKinnon outdoes herself as White House mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway in a scary-funny take on the 1987 movie thriller “Fatal Attraction.” Kellyanne goes psycho over CNN’s Jake Tapper. She wants back on his show.

Until now, McKinnon has only played the character in brief supporting roles during Alec Baldwin’s portrayals of Donald Trump.

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But her impersonations were so over-the-top, she deserved to star in her own skit, and SNL was smart enough to give her one.

The clip opens with Tapper, played by Beck Bennett, wrapping up his show “State of the Union.”

As he walks off the set, a directer congratulates him for banning Conway because of her incessant lying.


“Great show, man, and for what it’s worth, I think it was the right call not to let Kellyanne on today.”

“Thank you,” Tapper replies. “The White House offered her, but she has too many credibility issues.”

In the next scene, a weary Tapper walks into his apartment. But when he flips on the lights Kellyanne is waiting for him. She’s wearing a skimpy negligee and has a drink in her hand.

“Kellyanne, what the hell are you doing here,” he says.

“I just want to be part of the news, Jake,” she replies.

“You did it Kellyanne. You made up a massacre. We can’t have you on,” Jake says.

“But I miss the news,” she coos pressing her body against his seductively.

The encounter goes down hill from there. Kellyanne tries to make her “point” with a butcher knife.

“It’s over, Kellyanne. You’re toxic. You’re sick. You’re done.”

But the ending takes the cake. We won’t give it away here.

Just check out the clip below.

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