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Beyonce was pure class performing at the Grammys despite being pregnant with twins. She won two awards on the evening. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

So, was Sunday’s 59th Grammy she-bang good, great or just an also-ran? David Bowie went five-for-five, so in my book, that’s a solid win. Here are some other highs and lows of the music industry’s annual self-congratulatory gathering.

Van Dean’s nascent Broadway Records (profiled in these very pages last year) won a Grammy for their Broadway-cast album, The Color Purple.

Adele won best album, record and song and showed herself to be a classy performer in every way. Her re-start on the George Michael tribute was astonishingly good … class all the way

Beyonce was pure class for putting on a spectacular performance, and even performing at all. She was out-to-here pregnant but still went on. She was nominated for nine awards and only won two.

Kanye West wasn’t around to rush the stage and grab the mic from Adele and complain Beyonce should have won. Adele did that herself by offering to share the Album of the Year Award.

Bruno Mars did the Prince tribute dressed to look like Prince. That was a little creepy. But his enthusiasm is to be admired; something the youngins’ could take a lesson from.


Lady Gaga, with Metallica, was pretty awesome. I am a Gaga devotee, but you’ve got to give her extra props for her hard work. That Super Bowl performance was not easy and here she was a week later with a metal-supergroup.

The Bee Gees tribute was a little cheesy. Early reports said Barry Gibb himself, left in a rush-state right after. He must have been aghast that his revered songs were put together in such a clumsy and cruise-ship manner.

Keith Urban with Carrie Underwood performing “The Fighter” was enjoying. True, it was a little jarring performing in a mirrored square that looked like something out of early-MTV, but they were good performance-wise.

–Producer Ken Ehrlich, who’s done this show for 37 years, needs to freshen up the show.

His idea of putting one marquee-performer with another (Gaga and Tony Bennett) was a good one but, I fear, it has indeed run its course.

Ken should view last year’s Brit Awards, the English equivalent of the Grammys. It’s a tightly run, creative endeavor with no schmaltz. Take a look Ken.

–Censorship, really? Urging the winners not to be political a day before the show was kind of cheesy, too. C’mon Ken, you’re not going to tell artists what to do, are you? Props to Katy Perry for telling it like it is.

Insiders report that CBS just extended his deal through 2020 and that’s a shame.

Over all, the show was better than average for sure, but no day at the beach.

Have some other highs and lows to add?

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