Trump's Haywire News Conference Ignites Late Night Uproar (see!) 1

Jimmy Fallon rolled out his Donald Trump impression to lampoon the president’s haywire news conference, joining other late night comics who’ve been feasting on Trump’s foibles. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump off-the-wall news conference was so bizarre even Jimmy Fallon brought his Trump caricature out of retirement to lampoon the president. But Stephen Colbert was untouchable with his analysis of events.

Fallon has pretty much laid off Trump since he took office, despite his increasingly bizarre behavior.

But last night he could resist no more.

“Buckle up,” Fallon said in Trump’s sneering tone. “Because I’m coming in hot. This is going to be a crazy one. Daddy came to play.”

Wearing his trademark blonde wig, the “Tonight Show” host mocked the president for making outrageous statements and taunted him with a prop arm and tiny hand.

At the real news conference, Trump went off the charts with a casual discussion about the dangers of a nuclear holocaust, his insistence that he wasn’t anti-Semitic and his repeated complaints about “fake news.”

He also made the assumption that White House journalist April Ryan could arrange a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus…well, because, you know, she’s black.

Fallon’s Trump bit was game, but it paled compared with Colbert’s biting commentary.

Since his nightly Trump commentaries, Colbert has surged in the ratings. He’s topped the normally leading Tonight Show in the ratings five times, including last night.

Overall, the Late Show posted its second week as No. 1 show in that segment. Fallon, however, is still holding his own with 18- to 49-year-olds, a key advertising demographic.

Check out their bits below.

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