Trump Demotes ISIS, Now Media 'Enemy of People,' Says Colbert (see!) 1

Donald Trump has a new enemy. Move over ISIS, the real ‘Enemy of the People, is now the news media, a bit of craziness that Stephen Colbert tackles on the Late Show. (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump has a new enemy everyday. His latest is the media, It’s no longer just fake, but now it’s a full-fledged “Enemy of the People.” Oddly, the title is usually reserved for groups like ISIS, says Stephen Colbert. What gives?

Colbert has rocketed in the ratings with his biting monologues on President Trump’s foibles.

Last night on “The Late show,” he had a plate full, starting with President’s Day, a time set aside to recognize the contributions of past chief executives.

“This afternoon, a lot of people spent their day off at ‘Not My President’ rallies. To which I just want to say, yeah, your president,” Colbert said, pointing a finger.

“Deal with it,” he added. “George Washington was not more president than Donald Trump.”

“So, let’s see what your president has been doing,” he continued.

Well, on Friday, he made an unprecedented attack on the media. In a Tweet that may go down in infamy, he declared that the media is “the Enemy of the People.”


By the way, the term is an old Marxist-Leninist expression from Soviet Russia used against political dissidents. But no matter…

“You know who I feel sorry for?” Colbert asked. “ISIS. They tried so hard.”

“Sorry, ISIS, if you want to get on the list, you gotta to publish photos of Trump’s inauguration crowd. Then he’ll be really, really angry at you,” he added.

You know who we feel sorry for, Arizona Sen. John McCain. He was trotted out again to reassure people that not all Republicans are crazy.

Colbert didn’t stop there. Check out the video below.

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