Harrison Ford

Oops! Harrison Ford nearly collided with a jetliner after he mistakenly landed his small airplane on a taxiway instead of the runway. (Photo: Getty)

Harrison Ford was caught on video coming perilously close to an airliner after he apparently became confused while landing his small airplane at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. More than 100 people were on board the taxing American Airlines jet.

The video, released by the airport, show’s the 74-year-old actor’s single engine airplane sailing over the 737 aircraft and landing on a taxiway instead of the designated runway.

The incident was Ford’s second brush with near-disaster. Two years ago, he was forced to crash land a vintage World-War II trainer on a Santa Monica golf course. The plane suffered an engine failure, according to his emergency distress call.

The plane, a PT-22 trainer, was heavily damaged. Ford suffered head injuries and a broken arm.

In the latest incident, the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, but it will take weeks before it issues a report on the near miss.

Ford was in touch with the tower at the airport and was radioed instructions to land on one of its runways, according to news reports. He repeated the instructions back to the tower, indicating he understood them.


But moments later, Ford guided his airplane toward the taxiway. The actor appeared confused as he passed over the jetliner. “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” he radioed to the tower.

Landing on a taxiway is considered a safety violation. Ford could face anything from a letter of reprimand to having his license suspended.

Among his other near brushes with death, Ford crash-landed a helicopter in 1999. He made an emergency landing in a Beechcraft Bonanza at Nebraska’s Lincoln Municipal Airport the following year.

Even so, his piloting skills were praised after the crash of his PT-22 trainer. He ended up on a long fairway at the Penmar golf course and avoided a nearby neighborhood.

The airliner was undamaged and took off on schedule, according to airport officials.

Ford started flying when he was 52 and has a collection of vintage airplanes.

Check out the video below.