Jimmy Fallon Thumps Trump Again After Ratings Thrashing (Watch!) 1

Jimmy Fallon rolled out his Donald Trump impression again in an imagining of the ‘Trump News Network.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jimmy Fallon has jumped on the Donald Trump train. The late-night comic dusted off his impersonation of the president again last night. He lampooned Trump over his supposed plans to launch his own television network.

Although Jimmy does a pretty fair caricature of Trump, he’d gotten away from Trump skits since the mogul’s election.

But late night rival Stephen Colbert has been bringing down the house with his Trump monologues. In the process, he’s been thrashing the “Tonight Show” in the ratings.

Colbert’s “Late Show” on CBS led NBC’s “Tonight Show” in the ratings last week for five straight nights, a feat David Letterman never achieved during his long reign on late night television.

As it turns out, Colbert’s sharp Trump humor is striking a chord with late night watchers, who tend to skew older and more educated overall.

Meanwhile, Fallon had been cutting back on his monologue and spending more time laying silly games with celebrity guests, according to reports. But the country seems to be in less of a mood for escapism.

In any event, Jimmy got the message.

Last night he opened with a skit on the “Trump Network News,” a fictional cable news show.

Trump, that is Fallon, said he was forced to launch the network after the “fake news media” repeatedly failed to accurately report his biggest accomplishments.

Check out the video below.

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