Seth Myers Sets Media's Pants on Fire for Fawning Trump Coverage (see!) 1

Seth Myers tries to set the media straight after it shits its pants with fawning praise of Donald Trump’s address to Congress. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Seth Myers gave the media a much needed reality check following Donald Trump first major address to Congress. The media fell all over itself praising the president simply because he stuck to a script obviously written by someone else.

Obviously, there was a lot of anticipation riding on the speech and whether Trump would finally start to act “presidential.”

With the bar set very, very low, that’s all it took pundits to spout a fulminating fusillade of praise. Myers, on the other hand, provided a different view in one of his increasingly insightful “Closer Look” segments.

With the way things are going, the only place to find real news analysis is on late night comedy shows. Why does it always take a comic to point out the president is wearing no clothes?

In this case, Myers sets the media’s pants on fire with a stern lesson in how not to cover the news.

Check out his hilarious segment below.

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