Colbert Dissects GOP Health Care Bill: Woopee, We're All Gonna Die! (Watch!) 1

Stephen Colbert dissects the new GOP health care plan on the Late Show and calls it ‘Obama Lite’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Stephen Colbert once again trumped television news shows with a cogent analysis of the new Republican health care bill. President Trump is refusing to stamp his name on the measure, because, well, it’s just that bad.

Trump may be crazy, but he’s no fool. Both Republicans and Democrats pronounced the measure Dead on Arrival (DOA) in Congress, if for different reasons.

Colbert summed up one knock on the bill. He called it “Obamacare Lite: great taste, less coverage.”

True to claims by many ObamaCare supporters, Republicans found it politically difficult to simply repeal the measure. Instead they co-opted many of its features.

Under the GOP bill, children can still remain on their parents’ plans until age 26 and insurance companies can’t discriminate against policyholders based on pre-existing conditions.

One key provision of the bill replaces ObamaCare insurance subsidies with tax credits. “Everything’s going to be fine,” Colbert said, “but you’re going to have your colonoscopy at H&R Block.”

Well, not quite. But tax credits will favor wealthier policyholders at the expense of the poor, who often don’t file taxes or deduct expenses.

The measure also repeals a surtax on higher income individuals and a tax on tanning salons among others that help cover ObamaCare’s cost. But so far, the new measure does not provide for a funding mechanism.

Republicans introduced the bill without first submitting it for a cost analysis to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). What kind of shell game is that.

Colbert noted that the measure is sure to have one big supporter–the Grim Reaper.

Check out the video below.