Donald Trump, aka Alec Baldwin, Fights Alien Attack With... Coal? (watch!) 1

Donald Trump, aka Alec Baldwin, faces an alien invasion on Saturday Night Live and comes up with a novel solution. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump, who dodged the Vietnam War because of–ahem–bone spurs, is commander in chief now. He deals with the biggest threat to the United States in history. No, not his Russian connection, but huugher–an all out alien attack on “Saturday Night Live.”

Trump, aka Alec Baldwin looks presidential enough, wearing a military outfit just like the one from his photo-op last week.

Trump paid a visit to the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, the most expensive ship on the U.S. arsenal, to tout his plan to boost military spending.

So if Trump is so tough militarily, how would he do against an alien invasion?

“We know the aliens are killing us,” said one anxious soldier. “They have the most advanced weaponized technology we’ve ever seen. What should we do?”

“Ok, here’s what we do,” the Commander-in-Chief said. “We’re going to bring coal back, ok? We’re going to have so much coal, you’re going to say, ‘Where did all this coal come from?'”

When trump gets the word that California has been wiped out, he proclaims that he has won the popular vote.

Baldwin’s impersonation of the president has been the ultimate in political satire. The actor says he plans to wind down his character, but the real president keeps provide comic gold through his actions.

Check out the video below and pray that aliens don’t invade.