Scarlett Johansson joined the Five Timers Club on Saturday Night Live, and celebrated herself in her opening monologue. (Pnoto: ScreenCap)

Scarlett Johansson kicked off her fifth appearance as host of “Saturday Night Live” with a monologue devoted to… her fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live? What we’re the show’s writers thinking?

Johansson who looked stunning in a black turtleneck and pantsuit, came off, nonetheless, as a bit fatuous and self-absorbed.

Hosting the show for the fifth time, may be something of a milestone, but compared to other veteran hosts, like Tom Hanks, Steven Martin or Alec Baldwin, it’s, well, meh.

There was at least a moment of self-deprecation in the monologue when Kenan Thompson put together a tribute reel to the Hollywood star. The joke: it focused more on him than her.

For the record, Baldwin holds the title with 17 appearances; Martin has hosted 15 episodes.

Still, there is something to hosting the show for the fifth time and such a thing as the “Five Timers Club.”

The club was first mentioned by Tom Hanks on his fifth appearance in 1990. Here’s what he said:

Believe it or not, this is the fifth Saturday Night Live I have been lucky enough to host. Now, the first time you do the show, you can’t believe you’re here. You just can’t believe it. Your head buzzes with excitement. The second time you do the show, it means you were funny enough to be asked back – and you’re pushing a movie. The third time you do the show, the second time didn’t go so well, and you have something to prove to yourself. The fourth time you do the show, you’re just blatantly pushing a movie. But the fifth time you do the show is the most special time of all, because you get this [holds up a card] …a membership card in the Five-Timers Club.”

If someone had just tied in the significance of the Five Timers Club, the monologue would have made a lot more sense. But somehow that was lost on the writers. As such, there was no context to the bit.

Of course, Johansson is pushing a couple of movies at the moment, one of which co-stars SNL regular Kate McKinnon.

She plays a half-human, half-cyborg crime fighter in “Ghost In The Shell,” based on a Japanese comic book series. She also has a raunchy new comedy, “Rough Night,” coming out with McKinnon.

It’s about five women who rent a Miami Beach house for a bachelorette party and accidentally kill a male stripper.

Check out the monologue below and trailers from her new movies.

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