John Oliver deconstructs Paul Ryan’s health care bill. It’s so shitty even Donald Trump won’t put his name on it. (Photo: Getty)

John Oliver reveals an eye-opening fact about Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act: Not even Donald Trump wants his name associated with it and he’s slapped it on a lot of shitty products over the years, from Trump Vodka to Trump Steaks to Chinese-made neckties. What does that tell you?

You may recall, Trump promised during the campaign that no one would lose their insurance, everyone would be covered and policies would be cheaper.

Oops! Conned again!

To clear up misconceptions about the measure, Oliver devoted an 18-minute segment on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” to cut through the propaganda and deconstruct the bill.

House Speaker Ryan revealed the measure last week amid a mountain of hyperbole about how it’s a big improvement over the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.

But he raised red flags right off the bat by trying to ram it through the House before the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) could estimate its cost. He also tried to short-circuit any independent analysis of the bill and public hearings.

With good reason.

The American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, and the American Nurses Association all came out against it.

They are the very doctors, nurses and medical institutions the bill is supposed to help by “putting the patient and doctor closer together.”

The American Association of Retired People, better known as the AARP, is also deadset against it, along with every advocacy group for the poor. So who really benefits?

That shouldn’t be hard to figure out… the rich.

The top 1 percent of the richest Americans would get a $33,000 tax break, while the top one-tenth of one percent of the nation would get $197,000 tax break.

Here’s a fun fact: Among those hit hardest by the measure, 59 percent were Trump supporters in the 2016 election.

“Essentially, it seems that people on both sides see the AHCA as just being shitty ObamaCare,” Oliver noted. “The way Old Navy is just a shitty version of The Gap.”

Right off the bat, anyone who is receiving subsidies to help pay for coverage under ObamaCare will see a significant cut in what they receive under TrumpCare.

TrumpCare would also eviscerate Medicaid. The program, traditionally aimed at the poor, was expanded under ObamaCare to cover more people higher up the income ladder.

Oliver hopes to get a message to Trump, once again, by placing an ad on Fox News. He’s bringing out the “Catheter Cowboy” to explain it to the president in terms he can understand.

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, the ad will air during “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

Check out the video below.