Kellyanne Conway Makes Spectacle of Herself on Trump Wiretap Claims (See!) 1

Kellyanne Conway tried to defend Donald Trump’s wiretap claim on the Today show, but even lightweights like Matt and Savannah tore her up. (Photo: Getty)

Kellyanne Conway did her best on NBC’s “Today” show to deflect questions about Donald Trump’s odious claim that President Obama wiretapped his Trump Tower telephones during the 2016 campaign, but even Matt Lauer ripped her a new a-hole.

Conway, whose credibility is already in the basement, did herself no favors by trying to defend the president’s unsubstantiated claim on national television.

She made Lauer look like Edward R. Murrow, and you know Matt’s just a big cream puff.

“It’s deadline day,” he proclaimed.

“This is the day the House Intelligence Committee wants the Justice Department to turn over any, and all, evidence they have that proves that Barack Obama wiretaped the phone of Trump Tower during the campaign, as President Trump has alleged,” he said.

Are we going to have real facts on this, this afternoon?” he asked.

Of course, Conway failed to answer the question.

Instead, she reiterated the president’s call to add this piece of information to the rest of the investigation into his Russia ties.


Then, things got testy.

“Why wouldn’t the president say to Jeff Sessions, his appointee as attorney general,’Turn over to the American public evidence on this subject, so I can be proved right when I accuse Barack Obama of a crime during the campaign?” Lauer said.

Conway shockingly accused Matt of sounding “incendiary.” Matt? Is she kidding?

Then, she told a flat out lie. She said the intelligence committees “see enough” to add the claim to their investigations.

That drew Savannah Guthrie into the fray. She smacked down Kellyanne’s statement with a lawyer’s eye for detail, which she is.

“Aren’t they doing this as a courtesy?” she asked.

“In essence, what the president is doing is saying, ‘Hey Congress, can you find this out for me?’ when it’s something he himself could pick up the phone and find out,” she said.

Then, she reminded her about GOP Sen. John McCain’s remark over the weekend: “Either retract the statement to President Obama or provide the information.”

“The media did not bring up this topic. President Trump did. All the more reason to question why he would bring that up,” she added.

Check out the video below.

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