John Oliver Finds a Laugh in Donald Trump's Sick, Twisted Budget (watch!) 1

John Oliver found humor in Donald Trump’s first budget as president,–funny, in a sick, twisted way. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump delivered a big fuck you to his supporters in his first budget, and John Oliver delivered a big fuck you right back with lots of sick, twisted details that where nothing short of malicious.

Mick Mulvaney, who directs the Office of Management and Budget, said he crafted the document by simply reviewing Trump’s campaign speeches.

“We took those words, those policies, and turned them into numbers,” Mulvaney told “CBS This Morning.”

But deciphering Trump’s “toddler psychopath” language is next to impossible, Oliver countered on his hit HBO show “Last Week Tonight.”

“Basically Mulvaney treated Trump’s past statements the way Trump treats women, randomly singling out a few of them, and then reducing them down to numbers.”

“I don’t speak fluent toddler psychopath,” Oliver said.

Trump gives the poor, under-educated red state voters who supported him a big kiss-off by cutting social programs that benefit mainly them.

The irony of his proposal is those programs barely amount to 1 percent of the federal budget.

Republican lawmakers know political suicide when they see it.

They wasted no time walking back Trump’s proposals by calling it merely “wish list” that, frankly, doesn’t have a chance in hell of passing.

“The list of budget cuts scroll by like the end credits of America,” said Oliver. “Non-defense discretionary spending is already at its lowest level relative to GDP in 50 years.”

Yet, all of Trump’s cuts come from that portion of the budget. “It’s not only short-sighted, it doesn’t make fiscal sense,” Oliver noted.

Included are such tidbits as a 31 percent cut in the Environmental Protection Agency, even though it makes up 0.02 percent of the budget.

“You don’t cut those agencies as a cost-saving measure, you do it as a fuck you,” he said.

Check out the video below and find out how Trump’s supporters take it on the chin.