Nicole Kidman Humps a Camel in New Queen of Desert Trailer (watch!) 1

Nicole Kidman had to summon some unusual acting skills to ride a camel in her new film ‘Queen of the Desert.’

Nicole Kidman takes on the sweeping desert atop a camel in a new trailer for “Queen of the Desert” the Werner Herzog film that recounts the life of Gertrude Bell. The movie is big on sweep and Kidman, who plays the legendary explorer and diplomat.

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson also makes a couple of cameo appearances in the new clip.

He plays a supporting role as T.E. Lawrence, a Bell contemporary who also play a large part in shaping the modern-day Middle East during World War I.

Rob’s role was defined by Peter O’Toole in the 1962 classic “Lawrence of Arabia.” For those who know the film, it’s hard to picture Pattinson as the same character.

But all eyes are on Kidman in this clip. Lawrence in this film is reduced to a minor character.

Kidman portrays Bell in almost larger than life terms. She’s fiery, fearless and indefatigable in her support of Bedouin tribes that inhabit a region made up of present-day Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

The picture also stars James Franco and Damian Lewis.

Despite the film’s sweep and Kidman’s commanding performance, it received only middling reviews after it screened at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival.

It’s scheduled to be released in a limited run in theaters and through video on demand on April 14.

Check out the clip below, let us know your thoughts and keep your eye out for Pattinson.