Stephen Colbert Riffs on Bill O'Reilly, Donald, Ivanka And... Kendall Jenner? 1

Kendall Jenner was part of a rare comedy trifecta with Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. (Photo: Love mag)

Stephen Colbert had a lot of ground to cover in his latest late night monologue. Let’s just say the news cycle was target rich. It was a rare moment where everyone could come together to “protest a protest,” he said.

Colbert has parlayed his acerbic late night talks into a ratings gold mine just by working the Trump beat.

But last night he pulled off what can only be described as a comedy trifecta. He tied Donald and Ivanka, Bill O’Reilly and Kendall Jenner into the same hilarious bit.

First off, there was President Trump’s hypocrisy.

Trump defended the disgraced Fox News host for engaging in repeated episodes of sexual harassment involving female colleagues.

Fox News has paid out an estimated $13 million to settle complaints against O’Reilly going back at least 15 years, according to The New York Times.

More than 30 companies have pulled ads from his show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” in the ensuing fallout.

But Trump told The Times O’Reilly did nothing wrong and should have refused to settle the claims.

“Okay, here’s where the worlds collide,” Colbert said. “O’Reilly’s in a pickle, but today Donald Trump’s got his back. The President told The New York Times… ‘I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.'”


“Mr. President, I want to remind you, you just declared April ‘Sexual Assault Awareness Month.’ And, there are two accusations of sexual assault I’m aware of–Bill O’Reilly’s and yours.”

“So maybe, maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe you’re not the perfect person to weigh in on this one,” Colbert said.

Trump has been accused by more than a dozen women of groping, making inappropriate advances and in some cases sexually assaulting them over the course of his career.

Colbert also tweaked Ivanka for butchering the definition of “complicit” during an interview with Gayle King on CBS.

But he save some of his best lines for Jenner and her much derided Pepsi commercial, which drew near universal scorn on social media.

Jenner stars as a member of a youthful, racially mixed and generally upbeat protest, sort of like “Up With People.”

“I’m guessing it’s a protest for Attractive Lives Matter,” Colbert joked.

The clip ends after Jenner hands a Pepsi to a white police officer.

“We have a deeply divided nation,” Colbert said. “But today it seems like everyone has come together to join the protest against the new protest ad from Pepsi.”

Check out the video below and Jenner’s Pepsi commercial.