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Kate Upton Tonight Show Dance Battle Leaves Jimmy Fallon Breathless (see!)

Kate Upton Tonight Show Dance Battle Leaves Jimmy Fallon Breathless (see!) 1

Kate Upton provided a welcome diversion from Trump and Russia with a scintillating dance battle on the Tonight Show. (Photo: Getty)

Kate Upton is known famously for her dance moves. In fact, she was discovered after a video went viral of her dancing at a NBA basketball game. So it should come as no surprise she left Jimmy Fallon breathless on a “Tonight Show” dance battle.

Upton appeared to be on the show for no particular reason except the fact that Fallon was taping in Orlando, Fla. to celebrate the opening of a his new Universal Studios ride “Race Through New York.”

“I grew up in Melbourne, Florida, which is just, like, 40 minutes away,” said Upton. Naturally, she’s a big fan of theme parks which are numerous in the area.

Her fave: “Islands of Adventures.”

Kate Upton’s Hot Cat Daddy Photos (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Upton is probably best known for her three appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, including two covers.

But she broke out as a top model in 2011 after a video of her dancing went viral.

Kate, just 18 at the time, was in the stands at an L.A. Clippers basketball game with gal pal Damaris Lewis.

During a break, she began showing off skills doing the “Dougie,” a dance craze spawned by Cali Swag District’s hit “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

Kate danced like no one was watching… except someone was videoing the whole episode. The rest is history.

Now six years later, Upton hasn’t lost any of her moves.

As part of the game, she had to do dance interpretations of silly concepts like “Shoulders With A Mind Of Their Own” and “Walking Into A Spiderweb.”

She pulled off the moves without a hitch.

“I don’t know how you made that look cool,” Fallon crowed. “Gosh, that was fantastic.”

Fallon wasn’t quite so lucky. He pulled a move called the “elliptical” and was left breathless. Hey, Jimmy, time to get in shape, buddy.

Check out the video below.

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