Pot Sparks Up Giggles on Late Shows in Celebration of 4/20 Day (watch!) 1

4/20 Day managed to take the focus off Donald Trump on late night television last night, but only for a moment. Trump was target rich for humor again. (Photo: Getty)

Every stoner had reason to celebrate yesterday and late night television was quick to capitalize. Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel all worked pot jokes into monologues in honor of 4/20 Day. See how they sparked them up!

“The Tonight Show’s” Fallon kicked off his monologue with a pot joke, but quickly–and nicely–segued into Trump humor. At least one stoner, Kid Rock, figured into the bit.

Fallon noted that 4/20 Day was the absolute right time for the hick-hop rapper, Sarah Palin and right-wing rocker Ted Nugent to drop in on President Trump.

It can’t get any stranger than that. Well maybe it can.

“Today is 4/20 so if you see someone who looks all red and totally out of it, that’s just the President of the United States. Don’t worry about it, it’s fine,” Fallon quipped.

Colbert pretty much stuck to the topic. He asked his audience if anyone had smoked marijuana today to loud cheers… then announced that they were all busted!

A new poll, he noted, shows 61 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana. “That number, like the supporters, is at all-time high, folks,” he deadpanned.


The link between pot and pols was also too hard for him to resist.

“Today, marijuana activists passed out thousands of joints to members of Congress near Capitol Hill. Well, I will say, I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do; I’m not sure they should have done that.

But at least if Congress sparks up they’ll be passing something,” he said.

Colbert actually rolled out a stoner, or at least an actor playing one, to explain the significance of the day… sort of.

Kimmel decided to take his 4/20 riff directly to the streets. Random people were interviewed about the origin of 4/20’s association with pot.

Um… no one really seemed to know.

For the record, there really is a reason for the term, but you’ll have to Google it for yourself.

O’Brien probably summed up the essence of the day best.

“Yes, 4/20 is that special day of the year when everyone who smokes pot… continues to smoke pot,” he said.

Check out the videos below.