Emily Ratajkowski wears fashions in a new photo spread the eerily evoke the look of concentration camp uniforms. (Photo by Sam Nixon for L’Officiel magazine)

Emily Ratajkowski should have thought twice before donning some of the clothes for a new photo spread in French fashion magazine L’Officiel. Some shots eerily evoke World War II concentration camp uniforms that symbolize the horror of the holocaust.

Ratajkowski, 25, appears on the Paris magazine’s cover wearing a jacket with wide grey and blue stripes.

It closely matches the type of uniforms worn by victims of Nazi holocaust. More than 9 million people were systematically exterminated in the camps during the war, including 6 million Jews.

The jacket pictured is part of a concentration camp uniform worn by countless victims during World War II. It closely resembles the above look.

On arrival at concentration camps, prisoners were handed the striped uniform (now known as striped pyjamas). Men would wear a vest, trousers, hat and coat. Women would be supplied a smock type dress.

Images of the gaunt camp victims wearing their uniforms shocked the world when allied forces liberated them toward the end of the war. Dozens of Nazi officials were tried for war crimes.

A source for a Jewish organization who asked not to be named called the look “revolting.”

Ratajkowski is of Irish, German and Polish descent. Her father was raised Catholic, while her mother is Jewish. Ratajkowski has described her heritage as “Polish Israeli.”

The striped pajama look became a symbol of holocaust horrors during World War II. (Photo: File)

The editorial spread featuring pieces from top fashion brands, such as Fendi, Dior, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs.

Most online fashion sites failed to note the similarities.

Ratajkowski, otherwise, looks stunning in the Sam Nixon photo spread. She wears close from spring collections. Coquito Cassibba handled styling. Rmasell styled her hair and Tamah handled makeup.

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