Trump Election Gives Jessica Chastain's 'Miss Sloane' New Relevance (video) 1

Jessica Chastain’s latest film ‘Miss Sloane’ about a rogue Washington lobbyist, is even more plausible since Donald Trump’s election. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jessica Chastain’s Washington drama “Miss Sloane” has gained new relevance with Donald Trump’s election. The actress says the movie’s plot, about a rogue lobbyist, is even more plausible now given the recent turn in events.

Trump promised during his campaign that he would “drain the swamp” in Washington, which he said had been corrupted by lobbyists and insiders.

But he’s done exactly the opposite. He’s filled his administration with industry lobbyists, Wall Street bankers and highly-partisan lawmakers.

Overshadowing his administration is the ongoing investigation into ties between his campaign and Russian efforts to undermine the election and boost his candidacy.

Key campaign figures, such as former campaign manager Paul Manafort and surrogate Rudy Giuliani were high-priced lobbyists or “consultants,” often working for foreign powers, including Russia.

“I was really surprised by all the underhand manipulation that happens in the political system when trying to pass a bill or to kill a bill,” she told London’s Daily Record.

“When I look at protests and I see some ridiculous sign in the middle of the protest, which diminishes the whole message, I go, ‘OK, that’s a lobbyist-hired actor.’”

Chastain, 40, said she was entirely unaware of Washington’s high-powered sub-culture until she started researching the movie.

The actress’s character, Elizabeth Sloane, is a cutthroat lobbyist who has been called to appear at a congressional hearing to testify about potential wrongdoing at a Washington lobbying firm.

“(When) we were making Miss Sloane, I thought we were making a piece of fiction, I thought it was an exaggerated view of what can go on in American politics, and what’s a bit crazy is now, every day, it’s just exaggerated politics!” she said.

Chastain said the movie also has a sub-plot about the struggle of women in the professional workplace.

Elizabeth Sloan “wants to intimidate the men in the room and the way to throw them off is by not embracing her femininity, not dressing in a soft, delicate way,” she explained.

“She intimidates them by the sound of her heels clicking on the marble floor before she enters the room and her black nails. That’s something I got from the D.C. lobbyists.”

The film premiered at the AFI Fest and was released domestically last December, The film is now being released in Europe.

Check out the trailer below.