The Borgias on Ovation francois arnaud jeremy irons holliday grainger

The Borgias starred Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, British beauty Holliday Grainger and Canadian hunk François Arnaud.

“The Borgias” debuts on Ovation TV May 27, and fans of the critically-acclaimed medieval drama can’t wait.

“The Borgias” chronicles the epic saga of the 15th century’s most scandalous crime family. Based on real-life historical characters, “The Borgias” tells a sweeping tale of forbidden love, lust, ambition, religious intrigue and murder.

Author Mario Puzo revealed that the Borgias inspired him to write his Italian-mafia saga “The Godfather,” which spawned three Oscar-winning films.

The Borgias, created and written by Irish director Neil Jordan (who won an Oscar for “The Crying Game”), originally aired on Showtime from 2011 to 2013.

Unfortunately, the four-season series was prematurely canceled after Season 3, leaving many fans disappointed at the abrupt ending.

The Borgias was cast to perfection with Oscar winner Jeremy Irons as the power-hungry Rodrigo Borgias (who becomes Pope Alexander VI). The ethereal Holliday Grainger is enchanting as the seductive Lucrezia Borgias, while the dashing François Arnaud is mesmerizing as Cesare Borgia.

British talents David Oakes and Sean Harris also turned in excellent supporting-role performances as the devilish Juan Borgia and the ruthless assassin Micheletto, respectively.

The borgias dvd jeremy irons francois arnaud holliday grainger david oakes

The Borgias were the blueprint for the infamous Italian mafia families.

The story centers around Rodrigo Borgias, who will stop at nothing to consolidate his power as Pope Alexander. He craftily uses his dutiful sons Cesare and Juan to do his bidding behind the scenes, and is ready to marry off his teenage daughter Lucrezia to form alliances to safeguard his iron grasp on the Catholic throne.

The Borgias was supposed to run for a fourth season on Showtime, but was abruptly canceled in 2013 due to budget issues. Since then, a fiercely loyal and growing fan base has launched a campaign to Save The Borgias.

Ovation TV will now breathe new life into the Save the Borgias campaign and open up a whole new audience for this epic, unforgettable TV series. If you like “The Tudors,” “White Princess,” and “The Godfather,” you will love The Borgias.

Check it out on Ovation TV starting May 27.