Katy Perry Serves Tasty Diss of Taylor Swift in New Songs on SNL (see!) 1

Katy Perry was a delectable appetizer on Saturday Night Live. She debuted two new songs from her upcoming album. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Katy Perry looked yummy on “Saturday Night Live”–if you can get over the cannibalism connotations of her new song “Bon Appetit.” She’s moved away from the power pop of her previous work and served up a lilting Reggae-rap inflected dance music.

Perry also sang “Swish Swish,” described as a house-inspired song that samples “Star 69” by Fatboy Slim.

Perry told Jimmy Fallon her upcoming album Witness is all about liberation.

“‘Swish’ represents the liberation from all the negative that doesn’t serve you,” she said. “‘Bon Appetit’ is about sexual liberation.”

Perry touched off controversy when she she told MTV News that “Swish” was an anthem “when someone’s trying to hold you down, or bully you.”

Many on social media speculated she was referring to Taylor Swift. The singer was reportedly peeved at Perry for trying to hire away some backup dancers.

Swift’s song “Bad Blood” was reportedly aimed at Perry.


Perry reportedly felt picked on and bullied by Swift and squad after Swift’s “Bad Blood” video aired at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

Perry also was said to have felt humiliated because the video premiered in front of the entire music industry, according to a source. She was a visible no-show at the event, even though she was nominated for an award.

Perry has yet to addres the controversy.

On “SNL,” she sang “Bon Appetite” live for the first time on televison. joined by her collaborators, the rap trio Migos,

The video of for “Bon Appetit” raised eyebrows when it was released last week, because Perry literally was served up as the main course, evoking a cannibalistic fantasy.

Along with her songs, Perry also has a new look. Her signature long, dark locks are gone. Her hair is now dyed and closely cropped.

Check out Perry’s videos below.