Donald Trump Gets Advice From Richard Nixon: Burn the Tapes! (see) 1

Donald Trump makes another appearance on The Simpsons and finally meets another crooked president with some cogent advice. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump finally meets another crooked president, Richard Nixon, in a hilarious “Simpsons” send-up. The 37th president had some cogent advice for the 45th president–Burn the tapes!

Trump made news and raised Nixon’s ghost when he seemed to imply in a Tweet that he’d secretly taped FBI Director James Comey during a dinner meeting.

Nixon’s own paranoid obsession with taping Oval Office meetings revealed incriminating evidence of a coverup. The tapes ultimately led to his resignation in the face of impeachment proceedings during the ’70s Watergate scandal.

With Trump under multiple investigations that could lead to his impeachment, it seemed only fitting “The Simpsons” would mark president’s first 125 days in office with a midnight visit from Nixon’s ghost.

In the clip, Trump is in bed trying to make amends with the FBI Director who was hot on the trail of Trump’s alleged Russian collusion during the 2016 election.

A mousey Attorney General Jeff Sessions also gets a cameo, popping up from under Trump’s covers.

Nixon’s ghost thanks Trump for making him only the 44th worst president and has a thing or two to say about Oval Office tapes.

Check out the hilarious clip below. “The Simpsons” have pulled no punches in their send -ups of the president.