Gal Godot Not Your Mother's Wonder Woman in New Film (video) 1

Gal Gadot takes superhero movies into a new era in the new movie ‘Wonder Woman.’

Gal Gadot hits the big-screen as “Wonder Woman” this weekend adding another female superhero in lead role to Hollywood’s Parthenon, where they have have been under represented in movies for years.

Gadot will join Melissa Benoist who stars in the CW’s “Supergirl” television series as the only superhero women in lead roles.

Gadot plays Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman an immortal, 5000-year-old Amazon princess who jumps into one of the 20th Century’s biggest conflicts after an American pilot (Chris Pine) washes up on her isolated island.

Patty Jenkins directed the inspired tale and pulls together a pretty cohesive story from the DC Comics series.

Jenkins was reportedly not the first choice for director, but I feel she was the best choice by far.

The film has scored an astounding 98 rating on rottentomatoes, which tracks reviews, although only a few critics have weighed in so far.


“Witnessing such feminine power is mind-boggling and awe-inspiring, but wistful, too. It’s a shame that such instances are so rare to be exceptional,” writes Katie Walsh, a critic for the Tribune News Service.

Given this is the first installment in what will become a franchise series, there are some bumps-and-grinds along the way. But once it gets going, it never stops.

In fact, the special effects are somewhat jarring. They almost spiral out of control during the last third of the movie.

The film opens in Paris. Diana gets a special delivery from Wayne Industries in the United States, the corporation run by Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

The narrative ties nicely into the forthcoming Justice League movie. Then it flashes back to Diana as a child.

The scenes show her being trained by General Antiope (Robin Wright), the sister of Hippolyta and Diana’s aunt.


She’s also under the tutelage of Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), the Amazon queen of Themyscira and Diana’s mother.

Diana’s mentors hint several times about her destiny, but the question never seems to be fully addressed. Her life, however, changes dramatically once pilot Steve Trevor turns up.

Trevor convinces her to her to leave with him, with sword and golden-lasso in tow, to battle the enemy.

Danny Houston is the baddie as General Erich Ludendorff, an ambitious and iron-fisted German general.

Wonder Woman and Trevor make a formidable team. Pine, the new Captain Kirk, is tremendous here. Several critics he steals the film as its real hero.

David Thewlis from TV’s “Fargo, is sensational as Ares, the treacherous son of Zeus and Diana’s half-brother.

Newcomer Gadot is a revelation here; alternately beautiful and dangerous.

It was probably a good idea to cast a newcomer in the titular role, so you can fully focus in on her. As her first major role, she acquits herself admirably.

As super hero movies go, this is definitely above average. Check out the trailer below.