Tiger Woods was as zonked as his mug shot in new police dash cam footage released today (May 31).

Tiger Woods was totally zonked out when Florida police found him asleep in his luxury Mercedes. He thought he was in Los Angeles then admitted he didn’t know where he was. Woods may have been spaced out on Ambien, a powerful prescription sleeping aid.

Woods, 41, said in a statement he was not drinking alcohol, shooting down early tabloid stories that he was driving drunk.

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But Ambien can have the same effect, causing extreme drowsiness, hallucinations and even sleep walking.

The dash cam footage was released to media outlets today by the Juniper, Fla police.

Woods was sleeping when police approached him at 2:03 a.m. His Mercedes was damaged. It had two flat tires on the driver’s side and some body damage on the passenger’s side.

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The car was on the side of the road with the right blinker on.

“I asked Woods if he knew where he was at to which he stated he had no idea,” an officer wrote in the accompanying police report. “Woods stated he didn’t know where he was.”

Officers on the scene said the golfer had “slow mumbled and slurred speech” and acted “sluggish [and] sleepy.”

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Woods told officers he had not been drinking, but volunteered that he had taken medication.

Woods has been suffering from a painful back problem that’s kept him from playing golf.

He underwent “fusion” surgery in mid-April and reported that he was feeling like new in a recent blog post.

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Police conducted a field sobriety tests and Woods failed every procedure, including walking a straight line.

In his statement, Woods said he had an unexpected reaction to “prescribed medications.” But he did not reveal what he’d taken.

Woods was involved in a salacious sex scandal in 2009 while he was still married to wife Elin Nordegren, with whom he has two children.

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During the scandal, lurid reports emerged about his secret relationship with New York City party girl Rachel Uchitel.

She allegedly bragged to friends that they had wild Ambien-fueled sex, according to reports at the time.

Three years ago, Kerry Kennedy smashed up her car and fled the scene of theaccident outside New York City.

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She later admitted being high on Ambien at the time of the crash.

Beside DUI charges, Woods was also cited for improper stopping, standing or parking. He’s scheduled to be arraigned July 5.

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