John Oliver says the only thing the United States will get by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord is an inflated Trump ego. (Photo: ScreenCap)

John Oliver offered up two choice words to describe Donald Trump after he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord… “fucking egomaniac.” Harsh words maybe, but consider the implications.

Oliver regularly takes the president to task on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight.”

Last night was no exception. He called Trump’s justification for pulling out of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change “flamboyantly deceptive.”

Particularly the part about how other nations were laughing at the United States because the deal put the U.S. at an “economic disadvantage.”

“What are you talking about?” Oliver crowed.

“They were happy because they secured a landmark victory for the future of the planet, you fucking egomaniac.” Ouch, there he said it.

Trump said he was doing it because he was president of Pittsburgh, not Paris. But even Pittsburgh’s mayor said thanks, but no thanks.

Check out what else Oliver had to say below and let us know your thoughts.