Clueless Jerry Seinfeld Demonstrates Art of Celeb 'No Hug' With Kesha (See!) 1

Jerry Seinfeld demonstrated the art of the celebrity ‘no-hug’ on unsuspecting pop star Kesha at a Washington, D.C. charity bash.

Jerry Seinfeld pulled a classic “Seinfeld” move–in real life–on pop singer Kesha, He shunned her hugs, not once but three times, while cameras rolled, before declaring “I don’t know who she is.”

The scene could have been lifted from one of the comic’s iconic television shows from the 1990s.

The show, which ran for nine seasons on NBC, from 1989 to 1998, featured Jerry, largely as himself, a neurotic stand-up comedian who was a germaphobe and neat freak.

Who knew the character was the real Jerry? Talk about art imitating life.

Although the show has been off the air for nearly two decades, Jerry, now 63, hasn’t changed a bit.

The encounter unfolded Monday (June 5) at the David Lynch Foundation “National Night of Laughter and Song” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Give Kesha some credit, at least she introduced herself before she moved in for the hug.

But Jerry was having none of it. As he talked with Tommy McFly, a DJ with 94.7 Fresh FM, the singer, exercising her own brand of celebrity entitlement, crashed the interview.

“I’m Kesha, I love you so much,” she said zeroing in on the comedian “Can I give you a hug?”

But Seinfeld, held up his hand and replied, “No, thanks.”

“Please?” she replied, coming across as a little needy for a pop singer.

“No, thanks,” Seinfeld replied taking a step or two back.

“A little one?” Kesha pleaded.

“No, thanks,” said Seinfeld, holding his ground.

“I don’t know who that was,” he laughed turning to McFly,

The DJ filled him in, but all Seinfeld said was: “I wish her the best.” No apologies, no nothing.

It was gold Jerry… gold.

Check it out below. The video is now going viral.