Selena Gomez Bad Liar

Selena Gomez plays multiple roles in her new Bad Liar video, a throwback to ’70s lust. (Photo: ScreenCaps)

Selena Gomez goes back to High School–in more ways than one– in her highly anticipated “Bad Liar” video. She plays four different roles to explore the hidden desires that lurk everywhere in the everyday world.

Selena plays an outcast teen, hot teacher, a moustached male Lothario and what looks like a suburban soccer mom who likes her Chardonnay.

The campy video, directed by Lemonheads bassist Jesse Peretz is set in the ’70s down to Farrah Fawcett hairdos and Burt Reynolds mustaches.

Peretz directing credits also include “Orange is the New Black” and HBO’s hit (recently canceled) show “Girls.”

The video is billed as a “film” although it only runs 3:50, pretty standard for a music video. Still, Selena has the acting cred to pull it off.

Selena’s high schooler is shy and stand-offish with a deep secret.

Her mustached teacher is a Lothario who is having an affair with the Farrah Fawcett-look-alike basketball coach.

Selena character No. 4, who happens to be the teacher’s wife and the student’s mom, seems to know what’s going down.

But Dad also has some competition. Selena’s high schooler is also hot for the gym teacher. Holy LGBT!

In an unrelated moment, Gomez stuns with a short teaser at the end of the video, promoting a project called “Fetish.”

She wears absolutely no… makeup. Yep a totally naked face.

Check it out below.