Supermodel Karlie Kloss Shocker: I've Been Body Shamed by Casting Agents 1

Karlie Kloss stunned during the Versace show at Paris Fashion Week. Yet even she says she’s been body shamed on casting interviews. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Karlie Kloss, a stunning beauty and top supermodel, revealed that even she has been body-shamed on casting interviews. She was either “too fat” or two thin.” One casting agent called her both in the same day, she says.

Kloss, 24, revealed her experience during a speech at the 64th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which draws mainly advertising industry executives.

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Kloss, a Texas native, broke into modeling at 14. She scored a major breakout five years later in a stunning 2011 photo spread (nsfw) in Vogue Italia.

Editor Franca Sozzani called her fashion’s new “Body.” Elle McPherson was the only other model to earn that accolade. But Kloss deserves the title.

So it was shocking to hear her say even she has been body shamed

“I was called both too fat and too thin by a casting agent on the same day,” she recounted, according to The New York Post.

She says she refuses to be affected by comments about her appearance. “I don’t want to please anyone but myself,” she says.

Instead, she focuses on her own happiness by remaining strong and healthy.

“At my core, I am totally a nerd. I love understanding how things work,” she says,

Even computers!

“[It] is not the sexiest thing [but] I am so passionate about it, and it is genuine,” says the model, who is reportedly a skilled coder.

She’s tight friends with Taylor Swift, and has even appeared in her videos. The two were also spotted kissing at a concert. But singing is not her forte.

“I would give anything to be able to sing. Or fly. Both are equally impossible for me,” she says.

Karlie has worked for Victoria’s Secret, Elie Saab, Yves Saint Laurent and other top brands both on the runway and in editorial spreads.

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