Katy Perry Boards Plane With Common Peeps! Told to Take Off Shoes (See!) 1

Katy Perry gets ready to pass through a metal detector after taking off her shoes at LAX, almost just like a regular person. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Katy Perry can never be accused of being a spoiled celebrity, at least not after she was spotted boarding a plane just like one of the common folk. She waited in line and even had to take off her shoes.

Okay, she wasn’t exactly mixing with hordes of unwashed passengers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

It looks like she was able to use a gate reserved for airline employees, so the line was especially short, according to a paparazzi video.


Even so, she waited her turn. It was also surprising to see her flying commercial.

And she went through all of the security procedures, including taking off her shoes and walking through a metal detector.

Katy was low key and affable. She even smiled and chatted up one of the security guards as she passed through the security gate.

In fact she was so low key, she stood out in her Addias tracksuit. She wore a matching hat pulled down low and hid her face behind big sunglasses.

Katy just released her new album Witness, which is topping the charts.

The album wasn’t released without some drama. Taylor Swift unloaded her entire catalog on music streaming services the same day. But had little effect on Katy’s chart-topping performance.

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