Kim Kardashian Busted by LA Bike Cop: Flips Finger, But at Who? (Watch!) 1

Kim Kardashian was captured by paparazzi getting a ticket from an LA cop in a none too pretty display of celebrity entitlement. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Kim Kardashian has an unpleasant encounter with a Los Angeles bike cop in newly released video that shows her none-too-happy about getting a ticket. After she fails to talk her way out of it, she gets really nasty.

She can be seen at one point flipping her finger out the window.

Kim Kardashian Busted by LA Bike Cop: Flips Finger, But at Who? (Watch!) 2

(Photo: ScreenCap)

But was it aimed at the cop because he refused to yield to her demands, or was she really targeting the paparazzi who were filming and photographing the whole incident?

That’s become a subject of debate on social media.

Kim is known as a diva, who expects all the celebrity entitlement she demands. But when it comes to law enforcement, the police must treat everyone the same.

The officer appears to be just doing his duty. Is Kim out of line?

Oddly, she’s on the phone during her entire conversation with the constable.

Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts.

(Editor’s Note: The incident appears to have happened in 2009. Why the paparazzi site is posting it today is anyone’s guess.)