Mischa Barton Sex Tape

Mischa Barton won a key victory in her battle to stop the release of a sex tape now she’s seeking a permanent restraining order against an ex-boyfriend. (Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Mischa Barton’s troubling life continues. She was back in court yesterday (June 30) to ask a judge to extend a temporary restraining order against ex-boyfriend Adam Spaw, whom she described as a “terrifying” stalker.

Spaw was slapped with a temporary restraining order in March and told to stay at least 100 feet away at all times.

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The judge granted Barton’s request and extended the order after Spaw failed to appear in court.

Barton’s lawyer Lisa Bloom celebrated the win on Twitter.

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“Another court win today with my client Mischa Barton. Proud to stand for women’s right to say no to revenge porn,” she wrote.

Barton, 31, asserted that Spaw showed up at a friend’s house, where she was staying, and wanted access to her car.

She also told the court Spaw has been calling and texting her.

“I definitely feel he’s been stalking me. I look over my shoulder all the time when I’m walking,” she told The New York Daily News.

“He’s intimidating. He’s 6-foot-4. I would be terrified to see him,” she added.

Barton has already faced off against him in court over a sex tape.

Barton said Spaw left a copy of the tape at her friend’s house. It had been “doctored” in some way, she said.

Barton has acknowledged having sex with former boyfriend, Jon Zacharias in the tape.

Spaw allegedly tried to sell it for $500,000.

Both men are prevented by a restraining order from selling or distributing explicit images of her.

Barton said the tape was made and nude photos were taken of her without her knowledge or consent.

Another hearing has been set for July 21 to determine if the order should be made permanent.

“The court will retain jurisdiction over the case in case we need further enforcement,” Bl oom said.