George Clooney is being attacked by right-wing propaganda outlets over a fake news story claiming he’s abandoning London for Los Angeles over a recent spate of terror attacks in Britain. (Photo: Getty)

George Clooney is being thrashed by right-wing media outlets over a tabloid report that he is leaving London for Los Angeles because he no longer believes Britain is safe in light of recent terror attacks. But the report appears to be fake news.

A spokesman for the actor told IM that Clooney has had houses in both London and Los Angeles for sometime now and has no plans to abandon London.

Clooney has been a high-profile critic of Donald Trump and his Muslim travel ban, which has been struck down repeatedly by the courts.

As such, he’s become a favorite target of right-wing propaganda outlets and a raft of fake news reports.

The 56-year-old actor became engaged to British-Lebanese human rights lawyer
Amal Alamuddin
in 2014. They married five months later and Amal gave birth last month to twins.

Amal works principally out of London for Doughty Street Chambers. She specializes in international law and human rights. Much of her work takes her to Geneva, Switzerland.

Clooney’s main home has always been in Los Angeles. He purchased the 7,354-square-foot house in 1995.

In 2014, Clooney and Amal bought the Mill House on an island in the River Thames at Sonning Eye in England for an estimated $12 million.

He also has a home in Italy in the village of Laglio, on Lake Como and a home in Los Cabos, Mexico, next door to best friends Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.

Where he lives is usually dictated by his work, according to a source.

The original report appeared in low-flying tabloid Life & Style, which is known for making up celebrity stories.

But that hasn’t stopped right-wing propaganda sites from running with, or fact-checking the story.

Clooney was also the victim of a tabloid hit-job by London’s right-leaning tabloid The Daily Mail. It claimed his fiancée’s mother opposed their marriage on religious grounds. Amal is Muslim.

The newspaper later apologized and retracted the story.

Clooney has been active in a number of humanitarian causes including supporting “open door” policies to help resettle Middle Eastern refugees around the world.

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