Farrah Abraham Drew Pinsky

Farrah Abraham had her 15 minutes of fame on the MTV show about unwed teen mothers. Now she’s back in the spotlight over abuse claims. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Farrah Abraham’s sensational claims that mother Debra Danielsen abused her is going from bad to worse. Danielsen heatedly denies both physical and mental abuse charges.

The 26-year-old reality television personality made the tearful confession yesterday (July 10) on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s “Teen Mom OG” reunion show.

The show involved Abraham’s alleged abusiveness toward her own child. “People see you being abusive to her… They want me to confront you about that,” said Pinsky.

“So I’ve never received abuse?” Abraham tearfully replied. But she declined to discuss it further.

“To understand someone’s background or upbringing or interaction with their parents or family… I don’t feel like [talking about it]. I’ve talked about it so much,” she said.

But Farrah’s mom was outraged.

“There was no abuse … None of that went on … Everyone in this audience has had something happen to them,” she said.

Farrah and her mother have been on the outs for sometime, over Farrah’s fiancé David.

“I’m speaking from aggravation. I think of the times where it feels like my arguments or fights are wasted energy that has held me back in certain ways,” she said.

“Over the years, I continue working on how I want to invest in myself and my therapy.”

Then, Debra revealed that she was abused by Farah on her MTV show, focusing on the lives of unwed teen moms.

“I sat there for an hour being mentally, emotionally and verbally abused and I asked her repeatedly to stop it and she would not,” she said.

Danielson said Abraham has refused to let her see her eight-year-old granddaughter for months out of spite.

“I haven’t gotten to see Farrah or Sophie, or talk to her, since April … I have no access to my granddaughter,” she lamented.

It’s hard to see where the truth lies in this epic family battle. Or whether it’s all a nasty publicity stunt to cling to the spotlight for one moment more.

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