John Oliver Trump Lies

John Oliver gets a special award for being attacked by Donald Trump on Twitter and proves conclusively the president lies. (Photo: ScreenCap)

John Oliver now knows first-hand that President Trump is a pathological liar and won’t hesitate to make things up to smear someone he perceives as a political foe. He knows, because it happened to him.

Oliver showed off a special certificate from “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” inducting him into “The Trump Attacked Me on Twitter Hall of Fame.”

Turns out, Trump had it in for Oliver even before he became president. He tweeted about the “Last Week Tonight” host way back in 2015.

“John Oliver had his people call to ask me to be on his very boring and low rated show. I said “NO THANKS” Waste of time & energy!” the president Tweeted in Oct. two years ago.

Oliver had forgotten all about it. But when it was brought to his attention, he made a serious effort to look into it. Not surprisingly, the president made the whole thing up.

“John Oliver had his people call me to be on his show,” Oliver said repeating the president’s claim. “That is a lie,” he added.

“It was very odd to be on the receiving end of a lie that confident from someone who is President,” he continued.

“We never asked him. I even asked all my staff and anyone connected to the show to ask if there had been anyone who had reached out to him in any capacity… and they all said no.

“So it was a total lie and a meaningless lie, in fact, a lie so meaningless it almost becomes meaningful. Because what kind of moron would lie about something this pathetic.”

Oliver appeared on Colbert’s “Late Show” and accepted award.

Check out the video below.