Mariah Carey Sluggish Dance Moves Go Viral; And She's Dating Dancer? (See!) 1

Mariah Carey looked like she phoned-in her dance routine during a recent performance and a video is going viral. (Photo: Twitter)

Mariah Carey looked like she could barely go through the motions during a dance routine that has since gone viral on the Internet. The singer was hefted around by her backup dancers. She looked extremely thick through her thighs and backside adding to the comical scene.

Oddly, Carey, 48, has been dating off-and-on Bryan Tanaka, a back-up dancer who is 15 years her junior.

As such, you’d think she’d devote a lot more energy to her dance routines. After all, Tanaka has been working as her creative director.

Hopefully, she also brings a little more energy to the relationship.

Mariah Carey Sluggish Dance Moves Go Viral; And She's Dating Dancer? (See!) 2

In the video, a backup dancer appears to struggle to hold Mariah Carey in his arms during the number. (Photo: Twitter)

In any event, a short video was posted on Twitter and social media wags had a field day. Some couldn’t believe she could be so lackluster, but others claimed it was part of her diva act.

The video shows Carey wearing a hiked-up body suit that accentuated her heavy legs and large behind. She made a slow shimmy movement with her hips before two dancers picked her up and laid her on top of other dancers.

In another scene, a rail-thin dancer clearly struggles to pick her up and hold her in his arms. He still manages to smile the whole time.

‘Me doing the absolute bare minimum at work today #monday.” one Twitter user wrote.

‘When you have to work on payday,” another wrote.

“Omg I’d demand a refund’, a furious fan wrote. Another added: ‘WHO THE HELL PAYS FOR THIS?! I WANNA KNOW!! LOL’.

Tanaka has been working with Carey since 2006, and was her rebound boy after she broke up with fiance James Packer, the Australian billionaire. Her closeness to Tanaka was said to be an issue, according to People.

Carey and Tanaka reportedly called it quits in April after dating for five months, although the relationship appears to be on-again, off-again.

“Mariah ended it — everyone hoped that she would. She has better things to focus on,” a source told the gossip magazine.

“Bryan was a good distraction after she split from James. This is a good time for her to be single and focus on herself.”

Instead, it looks like Mariah has struck up a relationship with comfort food.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.