Selena Gomez Goes From Waverly Place to Crack Street in Fetish Video 1

Selena Gomez takes a walk on Crack Street in her new ‘Fetish’ video. Check it out. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Selena Gomez is a long way from “The Wizards of Waverly Place” in her new “Fetish” video. Instead, she acts like she’s whacked on Crack Street.

She flaunts self-harming, mental illness and heavy drug or alcohol addiction.

Gomez, 25, has been trying to remake her image since her days as a squeaky clean Disney television star.

But whether this video gets her where she wants to go is open to question.

The song is about obsessive love, but the video seems to be more about extreme dysfunction.

Gomez seems to have a self-harming oral fixation. She chews lipstick and takes a bite out of a bar of soap.

Her tongue takes a particular lashing (no pun intended, well maybe). She uses a eyelash applicator to squeeze it and ties a string tightly around it.

And, that’s only half of the shock video.

The bra-less singer writhes around on a dirty kitchen floor, her nipples clearly aroused, and staggers in other scenes like she’s strung out on opioids.

In other scenes, Gomez, wearing no makeup, gazes into the camera with a vacant stare. She also gets doused when water pours down from her dining room ceiling.

It’s hard to connect the visual imagery with the lyrics of the song. And mental health groups might have something to say about it.

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