Justin Bieber Gets Just Rewards on South Park (watch) 1Teen sensation Justin Bieber is beginning to cross the line between annoying and evil. So the creators of controversial animated show South Park decided to give him his just rewards on last night’s show. The Bieb gets popped like a big adolescent teen pimple.

Bieber is the featured la mort du jour during a segment of the cartoon show where Eric Cartman sets out to rid the earth of “all evil.”

Justin recently stepped out of bounds when he got frisky with celebrity Kim Kardashian. Now that’s evil.

In any event, Bieber is performing his hit single “Baby,” in an arena when a giant tentacled monster snatches him from the stage.
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“Thanks to Coon and friends the country would soon be rid of all evil, but first they would come up against their most challenging and evil opponent – Justin Bieber,” says Cartman.

“In order to save the earth, this little butt hole had to be stopped.”

“So long Justin Bieber you little douchebag,” Cartman declares, as superhero alter-ego Coon.

The monster pops Bieber’s head between its tentacles like an overripe cherry.

While Justin is a phenomenon in his own right, he’s also rubbed some celebrities the wrong way, too.

UK comedian Russell Brand suggested he shoot up with heroin a few times before making any more songs. Now, that’s evil.

Watch it here: (Warning graphic… if you are a Bieber fan, that is, hehe.).