It's Official! Donald Trump is Now a National Joke as President (video) 1

SNL Actors Mikey Day and Alex Moffatt portrayed Trump’s sons on the Weekend Update premiere. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump was the star attraction once again on the new “Saturday Night Live” spinoff, “Weekend Update,” officially solidifying the President as a national joke He eclipses former presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush. Ain’t America great!

Since taking office in January, Trump has single handedly upended late night television and other comedy shows simply by being himself.

From attempting to throw 33 million people off health care and his campaign against minorities, to his latest bluster over North Korea, Trump has fueled anxiety and fear across the country and around the world.


But his overweening ego and buffoonery have presented unlimited opportunities for mockery and biting satire.

As it turns out, lampooning the president is having a cathartic effect on the nation’s psyche and doing wonders for cable news.

Ratings are soaring at liberal leaning news outlets like MSNBC and CNN.

Stephen Colbert has vaulted to No. 1 in late night ratings, besting the “Tonight Show” for the first time in ages. Colbert should thank Trump for providing the fodder for uproariously funny nightly monologues.

Trump has almost single handedly restored “Saturday Night Live’s” relevance as a cultural touchstone.

So, it should come as no surprise that “Weekend Update” picked up precisely where the late-night sketch comedy show left off.

It kicked off its premiere on NBC, with a biting send up of Trump sons, Don Jr. and Eric.

“It’s been a crazy year these past few weeks,” Host Colin Jost began, noting there were “some minor staffing changes” in the White House.


Trump may or may not be “colluding with Russia,” but “he’s definitely colluding with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” he joked.

The show featured Bill Hader as Anthony Scaramucci, the disgraced Trump White House spokesman who was fired after 11 days on the job.

“The Mooch” said he had no regrets.

“All I did was sell my company, miss the birth of my child and ruin my entire reputation, all to be king of Idiot Mountain for 11 days,” he said.

Kim Jong Un also got some airtime.

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