Kristen Stewart a Rebel at Heart in New Chanel Video (Watch!) 1

Kristen Stewart fights her way out of an entangling situation in a new campaign for Chanel perfumes. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Kristen Stewart dances like nobody is watching in a new video for Chanel perfume “Gabrielle,” named after the fashion house’s founder Coco Chanel.

You see, before she was known as “Coco,” her real name was Gabrielle. Then, she became the woman she wanted to be, according to the brand.

Stewart last appeared in a major campaign with new ads for Chanel’s “Paris in Rome” 2015/16 Métier d’Art campaign. The photoshoot included languid, narcissistic scenes in a classic ’30s film noir style.

Chanel’s fashion director and chief designer Karl Lagerfeld was behind the lens. He works all the angles in the two black-and-white spots, which run about 30 seconds each.

The concept is “less is more.” And that’s just about what you get.

Stewart captures the essence of the new fragrance by shadowboxing, dancing and punching through a gauzy cocoon.

Beyoncé’s “Runnin’,” featuring Naughty Boy, provides the musical backdrop.

Kristen was topless when she shot the video. Although she appears to keep her private parts private, that’s not the case with hacked photos recently released on the Internet.

Some of the photos apparently were shot while she was working on the video and clearly show her topless.

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