Steve Bannon, Self-Proclaimed 'Street Fighter,' Gets Daily Show Shellacking 1

Yikes! What’s happening to Steve Bannon. He’s showing his true colors. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Steve Bannon took a shellacking on “The Daily Show.” Host Trever Noah deconstructed the hard-right pol’s “60 Minutes” interview and discovered the self-proclaimed “Street Fighter,” is a push-over. To make matters worse, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivered a blistering takedown of his own on PBS.

Bannon’s been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ ever since he was shit-canned at the White House.

He doesn’t blame Donald Trump. WTF? Instead, he lays his ouster on the “Republican Establishment,” which has infiltrated the West Wing and is determined to reclaim the presidency.

Needless to say, Bannon won’t stand for it.

“The Republican Establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election,” he asserted during his “60 Minutes” interview with Charlie Rose.

The only problem is Bannon doesn’t have much standing, now that he’s on the outside looking in.

Rose didn’t do much to penetrate Bannon’s rhinoceros hide. But fortunately, Bannon did a pretty good job of eviscerating himself.

His comments about the Catholic church’s need for illegal aliens to fill its church pews pretty much brings him in full-alignment with Hitler, who also attacked Jews, Catholics and minorities.

Bannon tried to soft sell his departure from the White House. But it was clear he was spitting mad and looking to get even.

BTW: If he really was a street fighter that attitude would have been beaten out of him long ago.

With only his right-wing soapbox, Breitbart as a launching pad, it might be tough to upend any apple carts, short of inciting his neo-Nazi following to pull another Charlotte.

Just how vitriolic is Bannon?

Well, just wait until the end of the video. It’s hilarious… and telling.

To make matters worse, Christie delivers a brutal takedown of Bannon in a PBS News Hour interview. He’s the king of the political put-downs.

Check out the videos below.