James Corden is hilarious as ‘It,’ the scary clown from the hit movie. Watch! (Photo: ScreenCap)

James Corden is hilarious in a skit portraying Pennywise, the scary clown from the hit horror flick “It.” The movie is based on the Stephen King novel, but Corden takes the character to a whole new level as a company IT guy. Who knew information technology could be so funny?

Tim Curry portrayed the clown in a 1990 television adaptation and Bill Skarsgård reprises the role in the new 2017 film adaptation.

The movie blew away the competition with a $123.4 million domestic opening at the box office last weekend.

The film recorded the largest September opening, largest Fall opening and the largest opening for an R-rated horror film, or any horror film in Hollywood history, according to boxofficemojo, which tracks film revenues.

The movie scored a credible 70 rating on metacritic, which tracks film reviews.

The plot focuses on a group of young kids, who square off against an evil clown in the rural town of Derry, Maine, after other children mysteriously disappear.

Pennywise has a history of murder and violence that dates back centuries. But Corden’s Pennywise has a much more immediate problem.

He keeps getting mistaken for the information technology guy, who gets called anytime someone’s computer craps out.

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