Bill O’Reilly went the full hangout route on the Today show– deny, deny, deny. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Bill O’Reilly, the once bombastic Fox News talking head, has a string of tin cans tied to his tail. On the “Today” show this morning, he couldn’t dodge questions about his alleged sexual harassment of colleagues.

Fox News was a cesspool of sexual harassment, there’s no denying that.

Former Fox Chairman Roger Ailes was shit-canned for the same reason. The long-serving network head undoubtedly set the tone for a corporate culture that made Fox’s fetching female anchors fair game for the network’s lecherous old men.

Five women came forward to accuse O’Reilly of sexually harassing them in some pretty foul ways.

O’Reilly producer Andrea Mackris said the talk show host once called her while he was masturbating, according to a 2004 lawsuit.

O’Reilly, 67, even encouraged her to buy a sex vibrator, and described his sexual fantasies about her, the suit states.

Wendy Walsh, a regular on his show, and Fox News host Andrea Tantaros also complained abut O’Reilly’s unwanted sexual advances.

But the most shocking revelation of all was the fact that the first case against him was brought producer Rachel Witlieb Bernstein in 2002, according to The New York Times.


For more than 13 years, Fox News paid a steep price–figuratively and literally–to keep its Golden Boy on the air. His “locker room” behavior cost the network at least $13 million in payouts to settle cases, according to The Times.

When nearly all of his advertisers abandoned his show in protest, O’Reilly was out, but unrepentant. He flatly denied the charges then, and continues to do so now, no matter how fatuous it may seem.

O’Reilly was on the show to promote the latest book about the American Revolution. But Laurer couldn’t pass up the chance to nail him once again on the sexual harassment claims.

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