Jimmy Kimmel Shuts Down GOP Over Healthcare Bill Deceptions (watch!) 1

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the latest GOP health bill personally because of misrepresentations by its sponsors. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the latest fight over healthcare legislation personally. He put GOP bill sponsor Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana on blast for lying about the nature of the bill and poked fun at the way he’s being attacked by Fox News and other critics in response.

Last night’s monologue was the latest in a sparring match between Kimmel and Cassidy.

It began when the Senator appeared on his show to talk about the legislation and promised Kimmel it would not deny coverage to those who need it.

He also said it would not strip away key safeguards, such as denial of pre-existing conditions, contained in the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Kimmel has a personal dog in the fight. His five-month-old son William was born with a congenital heart defect. It required surgery to repair it when he was three days old. The child must still undergo two more operations.

The late-night comedian lamented that fact that other children who needed similar operations would not be able to get them under the new Republican legislation.

Yesterday, Cassidy claimed Kimmel did not understand the bill. But the comedian was having none of it.

“Oh I get it, I don’t understand because I’m a talk show host right? Which part am I not understanding? Or could it be that I do understand and that you got caught with your GOPenis out?” he chided.

Cassidy told Kimmel during an appearance in May that the bill would include “coverage for all, no discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, lower premiums for middle-class families, and no lifetime caps.”

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